Are you looking for a flexible project role doing Research and Development (R&D) with world-class companies from Munich to far beyond national borders?

Motius is an R&D company that specializes in the technologies of the future. With its mixture of a unique tech community consisting of more than 800 talents in the fields of computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering with an experienced management team, Motius always stays experienced in the newest technologies. Our fluid structure is a combination of a fixed core team and our talent pool - a huge talent community, consisting of students, freelancers and researchers. Due to this structure, Motius is as flexible as our different living environments are nowadays.

If you would like to find a job which is compatible with your current life situation (e.g. your studies or other ongoing projects), apply for a chance to gain access to our community and open project roles.

Our projects are as interdisciplinary as our talent community. That's why we are looking for Engineers, Developers, and Designers.

Motius works with companies from different industries in the following clusters: A.I., Web/App, Design, Embedded, AR/VR and Engineering. Some examples of the different projects at Motius include building chatbots, designing the future of mobility with technologies of today, constructing autonomously guided vehicles and optimizing the supply chain with a digital twin. Please find more insights HERE.


  • Insights and impact into markets & products of the future in a growing company
  • You get to develop ideas, concepts and prototypes for the conception and implementation of our tech projects
  • Steady learning curve through internal workshops and events
  • Regular community events, teambuilding, flexible working hours, competitive salary and numerous benefits
  • We trust your skills, you’ll get a lot of responsibilities
  • As TUM informatics student, you can combine one of our projects with your IDP


  • You are a Student, Young Professional, Freelancer or PhD Candidate
  • Experience in agile development projects in a domain covered by at least one of our tech clusters
  • Curiousity about the newest tech trends and R&D
  • Motivated to develop yourself both technically and personally
  • You want to have a direct impact on the products and innovations of our customers


    Tell us about your skills and projects you have worked on.
    Learn more about our culture and impress our People & Talents team.
    After a successful interview you are part of our talent pool.
    As soon as we have a suitable project, we analyse your skills and suitability.
    Now you are part of one of our project teams developing exciting products.
    Explore your strengths and interests and grow with Motius.


Team and Company Culture

What makes Motius so special is our vibrant tech community. We have regular community events like game or project nights at which you’ll get to know all our Motees. Our colleagues consider it to be a friendly, open-minded, innovative and collaborative environment. People help each other, go have (remote) lunch together, and laugh and chat in the kitchen area. People here are curious, positive, and good humoured. Most of them are interested in sports, tech topics and trends, and games.

Being part of our community means that you will have great insights into new tech and products from different industries. It will never get boring, we promise!

If you want to get to know the team and gain some deeper insights into our culture and how we work, feel free to follow us on Instagram @team_motius!

Project management at Motius

Here at Motius we follow an agile approach to project management that enables us to deliver value to our customers in short, regular intervals. This approach allows us to continuously evaluate results and requirements, enabling us to quickly respond to change.

Office vibes

While our headquarter is located in Munich, we also have offices in Stuttgart and Dubai. Normally, we don't have fixed desks at Motius to give everyone the possibility to chose the working environment which suits best. Due to the current situation, the health and wellbeing of our employees is our highest priority, so we changed to a seated office plan with individual work places. Of course, our office also provides us with areas containing standing desks, couches, meeting rooms, a workshop and open spaces. We offer fresh fruits, coffee and cold drinks. But, remember to always lock your screen: if not, you'll probably end up volunteering over slack to bring a cake or muffins to the office.

How we deal with Covid-19?

To make sure we all stay safe and healthy, we have special office rules since March. We encourage our Motees to do Home Office on a voluntary basis and also provide you with a desktop, chair, table and more stuff you need for the perfect home office set-up. But if you feel too socially distanced, you can also come to the office to your fixed desk. Meetings in person are allowed if you stick to the offical distance rules.