Motius is a research and development company with a unique organizational structure: we combine a solid core team (approximately 50 employees) with an interdisciplinary tech community (approximately 800 members) of software developers, engineers, designers and electrical engineers to build products and prototypes the latest technology areas (including AI, Blockchain, AR / VR and much more).

Being part of our core team, you act as a Project Owner and are responsible for projects in the area of general software engineering, with a focus on web and app development. You structure the projects, defne the architectures, plan the milestones, and then lead the developer teams and control the project progress. Depending on the size of the project, the type of customer, and the topic / technologies covered, you are either a Product Owner / Product Manager, a Project Manager, or a Lead Engineer in our teams. We call this role Project Owner.

You would probably start with two big projects with Innogy and BMW in the beginning. In one project, we build an innovation & collaboration tool that uses graphs (D3.JS, ArangoDB, huge Python backend) in order to visualize people’s ideas. In the other project, we build a smart street lamp infrastructure and provide a customizable dashboard (with backend) for realizing use cases on top of the data generated with the street lamp infrastructure (Computer Vision, media streaming, distributed systems). If you’re interested, we can surely provide more information about the projects in a personal talk.


  • Being a mixture of Product Manager, Project Manager, and Lead Engineer (depending on what each project needs), that means:
  • Plan and structure software engineering projects with R&D character, estimate the time and efforts, focus on web & app
  • Decide on technologies and architecture together with our CTO and the tech team
  • Support in the team setup and technical interviews
  • Lead customer meetings with a strong methodical base and represent the team‘s and Motius‘ interests
  • Analyse what’s best for the products being developed and manage these requirements with the different stakeholders (customer, dev team, designer, etc.)
  • Motivate the dev teams, ask the right questions, get the right people for the right decisions
  • Depending on your preferences and skills: be a lead developer and write code with the team


  • Graduated in (Business) Informatics or Computer Science
  • Solid software engineering experience (patterns, architecture, best practices)
  • Solid web development experience (prefereably on JavaScript or Python stacks) from projects in the industry; app development experience (iOS or Android) is advantageous
  • You worked in agile environments for at least a year
  • Professional experience in the DACH region (knowing the work culture and work ethics)
  • You take ownership for your ideas / projects
  • You can switch between 80/20 work mode and working in-depth
  • You have very good communication skills in English in speaking and writing (German is a bonus)


  • Unlimited fulltime position starting as soon as possible
  • Working on our tech stack: ReactJS, ReactNative, Django, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, GitLab + GitLab CI, Elastic Stack, Go – and any new web technology that helps us build new products
  • Steep learning curve by handling various technologies and working with a lot of smart people from other areas (e.g. Embedded, Machine Learning etc.)
  • Gaining great insights into future technologies by collaborating with companies like BMW, Siemens, Bosch, etc.
  • Improving the innovation cycles of our customers & making our talents great software engineers
  • Other perks & benefits of a startup: stock options, home office, great flexibility and responsibility, flat hierarchies, team breakfast on Fridays, monthly teambuildings, etc… AND:
  • Weekly 4h slot for learning new technologies and hacking (each Friday morning, we call it „ELU“)

We are looking forward to receiving your application with CV, motivation letter, possible start date and salary expectation.


About our Tech Stack & Infrastructure

With a dedicated two-people DevOps & Infrastructure team we use a continous integration pipeline based on GitLab CI. We use Docker, Kubernetes, and Openshift for hosting and deployment. Except for that, everybody choses his/her own hardware and OS. We use Slack and O365 for communication and Nextcloud for file sharing.

Our Management Process

Our project management process follows Scrum principles with bi-weekly sprint reviews and retrospectives. A team is managed by a Team Lead in collaboration with a Project Owner. We use a digital Kanban board (Taiga or Jira) and GitLab for Issue Tracking.


Core team engineers track their time only on a weekly percentage basis and usually work 40h/week with peaks for deadlines / presentations. Flexible work arrangements are easily possible - the core team is usually in the office between 9:30 am and 5 pm with exceptions. Home office is possible at least once a month (and more in arrangement with your supervisor). Weekends are holy.

We invest 10% of our work time for learning and exploring new technologies, we call this time ELU. It's basically at two-day company internal hackathon every month for creating prototypes and improving your skillset.

Every year, the core team is invited to a weekend Surprise Trip. We've already been to Muscat, Stockholm, and Riga.

Team & Company Culture

If you ask the colleagues around here, attributes being mentioned are mostly: a very friendly, open-minded, and collaborative environment. People help each other, go have lunch together, and laugh and chat in the kitchen/lunch area. People here are curios, positive, and self-ironic. Most of them are interested in sports, tech topics (e.g. trends), and games.

Office environment

We don't have fixed desks at Motius. Rooms and areas have certain rules and furniture and therefore offer everybody to find a place where they can be productive, e.g. in a silent room, in areas with standing desks, couches, in different meeting rooms, in a workshop, or in an open space. But, remember to always lock your screen: if not, you'll probably volunteer to bring a cake or muffins to the office.