Motius is an R&D company that is specialized in the technologies of the future. With its mix of a unique tech community of more than 800 talented techies and engineers in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering with an experienced management team, Motius always stays expert in the newest technologies. With this expertise, Motius develops innovative products and solves technical problems with world-class companies.

  • Yearly Surprise Trip

  • Vibrant tech community with regular community events

  • Personal development & learning budget and time

  • Our ELU program and access to 1500sqm prototyping workshop

  • Transparent and decentral promotion and performance evaluation process

  • Great insights in new tech and products in different industries

  • Sebastian

    Tech Specialist

    “ I started hacking on Embedded Systems for Motius about 3 years ago. There is a great variety of topics and projects to work on, so I'm constantly challenged and can discover new stuff. The team is a bunch of lovely freaks. ”

  • Sara

    Project Owner

    “ When I started working for Motius, I was excited about working closely with future technologies and curious to improve my project management skills. Motius enabled me to adapt the talent journey to my individual career path. ”

  • Alex

    Tech Executive

    “ I joined Motius as a student to do projects with cutting-edge tech. After my studies, I knew that Motius is the place where I can have an impact on future products using the newest technologies. ”